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Acho' Lamlam

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Ancient Chamori Jewelry Collection

The Taotaomo'nas of Guahan, Saipan, Tinian and Luta used
diamond crystals, which they called "Acho' Lamlam". The precious stones
were so abundant in ancient times that little value was attached to them.
The Taotaomo'as were quite flustered with the "Acho' Lamlam"
since they could neither carve nor mold them into something useful.
The Suruhanus, on the other hand, used the "Acho' Lamlam" as
a healing implement and a vision window, or "Inatan Chago'".

If you're out and about in these islands, be on the lookout
for something shiny and brilliant. You may find one on the sandy shores.
You may locate one in a cave. You may uncover a stone in the boonies.
Who knows?

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The islands of Guahan, Luta, Tinian & Saipan are
located on the edges of the Mariana Trench, which
is over 7 miles deep. Diamond Crystals are created
from intense pressurization.