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Mafnas Family Guelo'

A Chamori Play.
by: norbert perez

Story about a 3rd generation Chamori family who were born and raised in the mainland city of San Diego and recently relocated back to Guahan. It depicts the daily struggles that the family had to endure in their quest to blending into their new environment, finding their identity and learning all about their ancestral roots. Very serious and touching scenes but delightfully funny.

Characters: Jake Mafnas: Father. 39 years old. Retired Major, USMC.
Alice Mafnas: Mother, 39 years old. A stay-at-home soccer mom. Very religious. Member of the order of Christian Mothers.
Russell Mafnas: Son. 17 years old. High School Senior & Jock. Very hip.
Serina Mafnas: Daughter. 16 years old. High School Junior. Cheerleader. Punk Rocker.
Katherine Mafnas: Daughter. 12 years old. Middle School Student. Spoiled Brat/Princess.
Guelo' Mafnas: Taotaomo'na Spirit. 311 years old.

Scene 1

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

Gof atnon yan paopao
Mahetokna uritao
Yangen hagu lokkue' guao
Hacha'mori na taotao

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

Tana'tunas i eklao
Loloklok yan laolao
Yangen hagu lokkue' guao
Hacha'mori na taotao

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

Mungnga che'lu ma'anao
Mungnga ga'chong mamahlao
Sa' tano-mu na gaigi hao
Hacha'mori na taotao

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

Taotao Tano' yu' sagao
Gof maolek na ginagao
Yangen hagu lokkue' guao
Hacha'mori na taotao

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

The Mafnas family are making themselves at-home in their newly inherited house on the rolling hills of Umatac. The dwelling had belonged to a great-great-grandfather who deeded the property to any Mafnas descendent willing to have the home. Mr. Mafnas’ grandfather left Guahan in the 1930’s in search of a better life for himself and his brood. Believing that America was the land of opportunities, he sold off his entire family holdings in Umatac and settled in the thriving town of San Diego, California.

Timeline: 1925:00 Guahan Local Time - 13 December 2005

Setting: The Mafnas family are sitting around the living room. Alice Mafnas, Serina Mafnas and Jessica Mafnas are lounging on the large sofa with their eyes glued to the television set - watching 'As the world turns', a popular soap opera. Jake Mafnas is far off at a corner table rearranging his fishing equipment of lures and hooks into his tacklebox. Russell is sprawled on the carpet playing with his Gameboy.

At Rise:

The sounds from the television set permeated the room.

Jake Mafnas: Yes! Yes, baby! (admiring his new lure) You’re gonna catch me the biggest fish in the ocean!

(In unison)
Alice Mafnas: Schusssssh!
Serina Mafnas: Shush! Quite daddy!
Katherine Mafnas: Schusssssh! Okay, dad!

The room again became engaged with the soap opera….

Russell Mafnas: Is it true that we have ghosts in our house? (addressing no one in particular)

Alice Mafnas: Schussssh, Russ. You’re disturbing the show.

Once more, the room became one with the movie…..

Serina Mafnas: I don’t like her! She’s a witch! (one can tell that there was a commercial break in the movie).

Alice Mafnas: Yeah!

Katherine Mafnas: I do! I think she’s terrific; A little weird but terrific.

Serina Mafnas: You think everyone is terrific. Russ, what’s this about ghost?

Russell Mafnas: My friends at school told me. And Jared Naputi, who lives down the road, said so too.

Alice Mafnas: I don’t believe in ghost. Although I always get this eerie feeling when I’m home alone.

Russell Mafnas: Is this true, daddy?

Jake Mafnas: I don’t know. Jose Naputi, Jared’s father asked me yesterday if we encountered anything weird? I told him no.

Serina Mafnas: This house is haunted. Last night, we heard some strange sounds coming from the kitchen. Right Kat?

Katherine Mafnas: Yeah!

Jake Mafnas: My cousin Tomas told me once that there is a Taotaomo’na living in this house. He said that no one in the family wanted to inherit this property. They wanted nothing to do with this home.

Alice Mafnas: Quiet. The show is back on.

Katherine Mafnas: Schussssh!

Serina Mafnas: Quiet, please! (as she fiddled with the remote to increase the volume)

Again, the room became engross with the TV drama.

Katherine Mafnas:        What is that awful smell? Yuk!


Alice Mafnas:               Phew! Yukkie!


Serina Mafnas: Russell, did you fart?


Russell Mafnas: No! I did nothing of the sort!


Alice Mafnas:               Oh god! It smells like someone old.


Katherine Mafnas:        I need some air. (rushing to the window to catch a breath of fresh air)


Jake Mafnas:                Did you do anything, Russ?


Russell Mafnas: No, dad. It wasn’t me.


Narrator:          Just then, the lights flickered off and the room became dark. A gust of wind rushed through the living room. That musky foreign odor permeated the house. As suddenly as it had manifested, the electricity flicked on again and the room became bright.


Alice Mafnas:               (Still lounging on the couch) Ai……ai…….ai.

Serina Mafnas: (Sitting next to her mother) Oh my! Awoooow.

Katherine Mafnas:        (Standing near the open window, clear across the room) Ai. Whjat is that thing?

Russell Mafnas: (Got up from the floor, dropped his game boy. Turned in the direction of the rocking chair. He saw the figure and he, too began screaming)  Ai….Ai….Ai.


Narrator:          Alice Mafnas, Russell Mafnas, Serina Mafnas and Katherine Mafnas ran up to where Jake Mafnas was…clear across the room. Sitting on the rocking chair was a silver haired old man with dark chocolate skin and wearing only Sadi’ (thong). He was rocking the chair back and forth, back and forth; enjoying the moment.


Jake Mafnas:                 (Stood up, grabbed a baseball bat and stood between the alien and his crowding family) Who are you?


No answer came from the old man.


Jake Mafnas:                Who are you and what are you doing here? (a little louder and forceful)


Still no answer came from the figure on the rocking chair.


Jake Mafnas:                (Inched a bit closer)  Who are you??


The man looked up in his direction and gave him a friendly smile but did not reply.


Alice Mafnas:               Jake, ask him in Chamoru.


Jake Mafnas:                Hayi hao? (in his houle accent)

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

Gof atnon yan paopao
Mahetokna uritao
Yangen hagu lokkue' guao
Hacha'mori na taotao

Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'
Tuka', Tuka', Tuka'

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