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Pictured here, from Left to Right: Mr. Tony Sagayadoro, MOTTEP of Honolulu (local program coordinator), Ms. Robyn Kaufman, Executive Director of the Organ Donor Center of Hawaii and Norbert Perez.
Norbert Perez meets Hawaii Organ Transplant Pioneer, Dr. Livingston Wong.

Norbert Perez who is in Hawaii, recently met with Hawaii's Organ Transplant Pioneer, Dr. Livingston Wong and Ms. Robyn Kaufman, executive director for the Organ Donor Center of Hawaii to discuss the problems associated with Organ Transplant operations in Guam and the island's need for an Organ Donor Center.

"I am so honored to finally meet Dr. Livingston Wong. He is Hawaii's Organ Transplant pioneer. He is the father and founder of the Organ Donor Center of Hawaii." Perez said.

"Dr. Wong took time off in his busy schedule to discuss with me Guam's need for an Organ Donor Center. He explained to me that although Guam has recently passed legislation allowing  for organ donations, we are still many years away from realizing the process. The doctors and the nurses in Guam need to be trained; the hospital has to develop a protocol for harvesting and receiving organs." Perez added.

"When I asked him about the required lab work for tissue and blood typing, Dr. Wong advised that St. Francis Hospital can do the tissue and blood typing lab work so Guam doesn't have to be burdened with the cost of setting up a new laboratory." Perez said.

"According to Ms. Kaufman, an assessment must be made to review the death certificates and medical records of all the people who died in the last two years to determine the island's health levels. She explained that not everyone can be an organ or tissue donor. She further advised that they are most willing to do the assessments, without charge to the hospital, the government or the people of Guam." Perez added.

"As soon as I get back to Guam, I will be communicating with the medical community to get their reactions and of course, their inputs." Perez said.
"I want to work closely with the Nurses' Association because they will be the lead group, if this is ever going to be realized in Guam."          

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