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Press Release…99-153.

Foundation to continue with lawsuits over ancestral remains.

The Hawaii-based non-profit organization, Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation will continue with the filing of their lawsuits against the Bishop Museum in Honolulu and the Government of Guam/Department of Parks and Recreation over the ancestral remains stored at the museum in Hawaii.

According to foundation president, Norbert Perez, "We plan to continue with the filing of our complaints in the court system."

"We realize from media reports that a Guam businessman has offered a plot of land for the shrine and that the local government has accepted the donation and plans are underway to construct the shrine at that property site." Perez stated. "This is welcome and positive news for the Chamori people of Guahan."

"We hear you but we are not listening." Perez declared. "Remember that we went through the same scenario ten years ago. We protested and protested and made a terrible stink back then. Senators Carl Gutierrez and Madeleine Bordallo talked us into accepting a compromise where they would introduce legislation to have the government construct the shrine. That legislation became law over seven years ago. But here we are seven years later and nothing has been done. And nothing would have been done had we not raised the issues again. So, we hear you but we are not listening. The lawsuits and the protests will continue until the bones of our ancestors are back home where they belong." Perez said.

"A reporter from the Guam media has blatantly accused me of making this a political issue.   I would like to stand on record that it is the Governor and the Lt. Governor and the Director of Parks and Recreation and Mr. Phil Flores who are making this a political issue. Look at who's grandstanding in celebration." Perez added. "Immediately after the crash of Korean Air Flight 802, who went on national TV to discuss the building of a shrine in honor of the victims? Who center-staged the entire program? And who is center staging the issue of our ancestors, right now?"

"All we ever wanted was to have the bones of our ancestors returned home so we can have them re-interred to allow their spirits to rest in peace. All we ever asked for was a government permit to do so, but the director of Parks and Recreation denied our request." Perez stated. "The greatest honor that we can ever bestow upon our ancestors is to bring them home, re-inter them and let their "anitis" rest in peace. No frills and no fanfare."

Prepared by Lynn Cruz
Communications Secretary

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