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Original Ancient Chamori Flying Proa located in London, England.

The Hawaii-based non-profit organization, Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation has located an original Ancient Chamori Flying Proa in one of the Maritime Museums in London, England and has started the process of claiming the sacred artifact for repatriation purposes.

According to foundation president, Norbert Perez, "Our research team has located an original Ancient Chamori Flying Proa taken from Guahan in the year 1710. This proa was taken back to England by Captain Swan and displayed at the St. James Canal. Another two proas were taken from Tinian in 1740s and in the early 1800s".

"The first step in the claims process is to identify the artifact as being, in fact, an Ancient Chamori original and our researchers in Europe will validate that. Secondly, we need to file claims with the museum and the International Courts. Of course the museum in London will not be so cooperative, once they find out that our research will lead to repatriation and legal filings." Perez declared. 

Prepared by Lynn Cruz
Communications Secretary

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