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Press Release…99-165

Royal Couple off to Denver, Colorado.

Guahan's celebrated royal couple, Regina Borja and Norbert Perez are preparing to leave for a month-long honeymoon in Denver, Colorado.....compliments of ISS Corporation. The royal groom recently accepted a management position with RCM Technologies, based out of Long Beach, California. Mr. Perez will serve as the Project Engineer for ISS Corporation, overseeing numerous government contract installation sites located in Colorado, Washington, Montana, New Mexico and Minnesota. The contract terms and salary based figures were not disclosed but it is in the six-digits.

"Regina and I are very pleased with the recent developments, particularly with this new contract assignment." Perez said.  "Living in Denver will be a honeymoon and a vacation for us."

"With respect to our tourism industry businesses in Guam, Saipan and Hawaii…they will continue to function without interruption." Perez added. "We have made all the provisions to continue operations, especially our royal wedding services for our tourists. Additionally, we will be commuting in and out of the islands regularly…so friends and relatives will not even know that we left."

"I would like to publicly thank my dear friends, Al and Conrad for their assistance and undying support. I know very well that they are responsible for all the good fortunes coming our way." Perez said. "I have to be the luckiest person on earth. I recently married the most beautiful Chamori girl. I just completed my Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Film. I started a new tourism industry business selling traditional wedding packages to the world via the Internet. I have an Ancient Chamori home being built in Malesso'. And now, I have a new contract assignment to travel all over the mainland USA. The Taotaomo’nas like me and they must be watching over me."

"This is a perfect opportunity for both of us. We have specific plans for Regina to get her Master and Doctoral degrees in the mainland and I needed to re-hone my telecommunications and technology skills." Norbert remarked.

"Indeed, this is a great opportunity for Norbert and I." Regina stated. "I have gone through considerable lengths to convince him to re-locate back to America. I want him to explore the world of speakership by conducting lectures nationwide. He is a brilliant public speaker and a dynamic personality. I want him to show the American people what being Chamori is all about...and to advance our ancient culture and traditions by showcasing it and preaching it to the world."

Biba Taotao Tano'!

Prepared by Lynn Cruz
Communications Secretary

*Send your warm wishes to the Royal Couple