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Press Release…99-166.

Public Health discriminates against Chamoris.

Norbert Perez, president of PUGUA' International Corporation recently debunked the Attorney General's Office, Department of Public Health and the Allied Board of Health Examiners.

"The government of Guam is giving me the run-around, again!" Perez decried his recent encounters. "I submitted a letter and an application to secure a license and health permit as a Therapeutic Masseuse for my new Hinilos Aniti traditional Massage Therapy and they send me on a round-the-island tour."

"The Attorney General came down with an opinion that I needed to first get a license from the Allied Board of Health Examiners before Public Health can give me a health permit. The Allied Board told me that they do not issue licenses for therapeutic massages...Public health does that." Perez said.

"Public Health told me that they could not issue a license and permit until I could produce a diploma or certificate from an institution." Perez added.

"How in heavens name can I produce a diploma or certificate on a traditional massage therapy system? What Suruhåna and Suruhånu will give me a certificate or diploma?"

"I want the people of Guahan to know that the laws of this island are so discriminatory and so anti-chamori." Perez stated. "This is a prime example of ethnic cleansing that we do unto ourselves.
We grant licenses and permits to the Shiatsu Massage, Mandasar Massage, and every massage parlor in town, but when it comes to our traditional Suruhånus and Suruhånas, we send them underground."

"I honestly feel like an alien in my own island. Outside credentials mean more to our government than our own traditional systems." Perez cried. "Something is terribly wrong here! Something is terribly amiss."

Biba Taotao Tano'!

Prepared by Lynn Cruz
Communications Secretary