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Press Release…99-167

The ancient Chamori remains in the Hornbostel Collection comprise of 300 sets
of bones...stored in 96 boxes. Approximately 61 percent of the collection came
from the islands of Rota, Tinian and Saipan in the CNMI. The rest came
from Guahan.
The R.F.Taitano-MARC Library at the University of Guam has
a copy of the Hans Hornbostel records which detail the exact locations where
these remains were taken from.
Additionally, there are several boxes of remains taken from Saipan, Tinian and Rota, which are not part of the Hornbostel Collection and should be repatriated, as well.

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Please ponder the following....
1. These remains belong to our ancestors....Ancient Chamoris or Taotaomo'nas.
2. Some have been carbon-dated to be 700 years old.
3. They were taken from Guahan, Saipan, Tinian and Rota in the 1920s.
4. They have been in Honolulu for about 75-years.
5. The Bishop Museum has been trying to repatriate them back to the islands
but our own GovGuam and CNMI did not want them.
6. Picture yourself in one of these boxes...waiting 75-years for your descendants
to bring you home.
7. How would you feel if one of your descendants, the Maga'låhi of the islands...constructed a shrine in honor of the Korean Crash Victims,
while you lie and wait in your shoebox?
How would you feel?
Na'mamahlåo esti na cho'cho'.
Mungnga man hinengang yanggen mana' fanmalångo hamyu ni' mañaina.

Biba Taotao Tano'!

Prepared by Lynn Cruz
Communications Secretary