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Press Release...99-170
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The Ancient Chamori Royal Princess of Ipao
The Hawaii-based group, Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation is calling for an extensive investigation into the whereabouts of the sacred remains and artifacts of the Royal Princess of Ipao.

According to foundation president, Norbert Perez, "In 1979, technicians from the government of Guam uncovered the sacred grave of the Ancient Chamori Royal Princess of Ipao. She was draped in a regal and colorful spondula shell shroud."

"We have located the remains of the Royal Princess. Her remains are in storage in two drawers at the Historic Preservation facility at the Piti Veterans Cemetery. However, the spondula shell shroud appears to be missing or stolen." Perez stated.

"We are calling on the Governor and the Director of Parks and Recreation to begin an immediate search to locate this precious and sacred artifact." Perez added. "If the artifact isn't located, we will file complaints with the local police and the FBI to report it as stolen."

"When I came out with my Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding, allot of people, including our own made fun of the idea. They joked and laughed and riddled the notion as a mockery." Perez declared. "I wish they would bear with me and help me find the documentation and the artifact, which will prove my visions...that all Chamoris are ROYAL."

Prepared by:
R.M. Manglo'ņa
Deputy Communications Secretary