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Ancient Chamori Flying Proa....UPdate.
Our researchers in Europe are currently sifting through the voluminous inventory sheets of the many Maritime Museums in England to locate our Ancient Chamori Flying Proa. If you are interested, we can download the current list of Maritime Museums. Send us an e-mail message and we will send you the complete archive. Be prepared, however, because it is quite extensive.
E-mail us @
Please review our WorldWideWeb Call Out Sheet.

Ancient Chamori Skulls in France.....UPdate.
Our researchers in France are presently digging up all the information on Antoine-Alfred Marche and trying to locate the many artifacts and human remains he collected from his sea adventures to the Pacific in the 1880-1890s. Please review our WorldWideWeb Call Out Sheet.

Ancient Chamori Remains at the Bishop Museum....UPdate.
*We are pleased to announce that the Hornbostel/Thompson Collection of Human Remains Inventory and Accession Sheets have been published to our website. You can find these sheets by clicking to the following links.

Itinerary of Norbert Perez
Sunday 10/31/99 Leave Guam for Saipan
Monday 11/01/99 Arrive Guam from Saipan
Tuesday 11/02/99 Leave Guam for Hawaii
Saturday 11/06/99 Arrive Guam from Hawaii

Please Note the Following....
1. We plan to file our lawsuits in the District Court of Hawaii.
2. We plan to stage a protest against the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.
3. Our dear friends, Catherine Cruz of Hawaii TV Channel 2, Alan Liu of Hawaii TV Channel 7
and Glenn Wakai of Hawaii TV Channel 8 will help us to bring attention to our plight...

Ancient Chamori Royal Princess of Ipao.....UPdate.
As you know, we did not get to identify the remains of the Royal Princess of Ipao because no one from the Historic Preservation Office or Department of Parks & Recreation showed up to open the doors to the Veterans Cemetery Storage facilities last Thursday. We have filed formal complaints with the FBI and the Police Department to record the incident that the Spondula Shell Shroud is missing or stolen.

Advisory:  If you have any questions, comments and/or recommendations, you can send a message directly to our president at....

Prepared by:
R.M. Manglo'ņa
Deputy Communications Secretary