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Press Release 99-195
December 4, 1999

Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding to air on 'Olelo.

The ancient Chamori Royal Wedding film will be aired on 'Olelo, the Corporation for Community Television, Channel 53/54
in Hawaii....sometime during the was reported today by Regina Borja.

"We have submitted our ancient Chamori Royal Wedding film to 'Olelo, the Corporation for Community Television in Hawaii for airing sometime during the holidays." Regina said. "'Olelo is a non-profit Public Television Broadcast Station, similar to our Public Television Channel KGTF-12."

"According to Community Service Director, Ms. Mildred Hanson, they are trying to schedule the showing of our film around December 27th or December 28th between noon and 4:00 p.m., as those are the only available timeslots." Regina stated. "We have given her the option of deciding the timeslot but to give us ample notice so we could advertise in the Honolulu Weekly and the Honolulu Advertiser."

Biba Taotao Tano'
Prepared by:  Lynn Cruz