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Press Release 99-196
December 6, 1999

Ancient Chamori remains Inventoried & ready for Shipment?

The Hawaii-based organization, Bring Our Ancestors Home Foundation announced this evening that the inventory of the
Guahan remains at the Bishop Museum have been completed by members of the foundation and Hui Malama.

According to Communications Secretary, Lynn Cruz, "Members of our foundation and Hui Malama completed the inventory
of our sacred Guahan remains and they are now ready for shipment back to our islands. A special ritual was conducted at the Museum facility
to prepare the anitis of our ancestors for the long journey home. Mataknga (Norbert Perez) and Halealoha (Edward Ayau) led the chants and prayers for the dead, which were so touching and inspirational."

"This is an historic event for the Chamori people....and for the people of Hawai'i." Cruz added. "Today's ceremony for the dead marks the first joint ceremony ever conducted and represents the sacred bonds we hold for each other as Pacific islanders. 

"Now we await the arrival of Governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez, who will escort the remains home to Guahan." Cruz stated.
"As for our foundation leaders....Ms. Regina Borja is already in Saipan to prepare the burial ceremonies for our CNMI ancestors and Mr. Perez will arrive in Guahan on the 17th of December to prepare the homcoming ceremonies for our Guahan ancestors." Cruz added.

Biba Taotao Tano'
Prepared by:  Lynn Cruz