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Press Release 99-198
December 12, 1999

Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding goes National
.PUGUA' International Corporation reported today that its NEW Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding marketing
strategy officially kicked off this weekend. The national campaign started with a telemarketing e-mail blitz, sending
letters to over 9000 Television Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers and Magazines around the country.

According to corporate vice president, Regina Borja, "Our telemarketing strategy is already working. Our traditional Royal
Wedding concept was recently featured in the Getty Marriage Television Show in Northern Pennsylvania, a media that reaches
over 650,000 homes or approximately Two and a half million people. And our first official celebrity entry is the hostess
of the Getty Marriage Television Show, the beautiful Ms. Connie Roberts."

"Additionally, we have embarked on an awesome venture to have our Traditional Royal Wedding Websites listed in
the over 13,000 search engines around the world, particularly those dealing with WOMEN, such as:"
Regina stated.

"I am so happy and I am so proud of my husband. His dream of bringing our Chamori culture and traditions to the world
are beginning to materialize." Regina said. Most importantly, I want every Chamori in Guahan, Rota, Tini'an and Sai'pan to
share our blessings and emotions."

....Marketing Letter.....

Please Help Us!


We are searching for a high profile Hollywood celebrity couple, engaged and willing to experience
our new Traditional Royal Wedding Ceremony in Hawaii. Airline and hotel accommodations
will be extended by our sponsors and the traditional royal wedding will be staged by us,

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. The royal wedding ceremony incorporates our matriarchal
social culture where every ritual focuses on the woman. Our ceremony feeble the island wedding
of Mr. Lorenzo Llamas, which was staged in Tahiti several years ago. This is headline news to
promote the campaign against spousal abuse and family violence....a positive and worthy cause
to highlight any celebrity.

Please pass this message to our friends...Mr. Jerry Seinfeld and his lovely fiancée; Ms. Jennifer
Aniston and her new beau and others who may be interested in our special offer. We will also
consider legally married couples who wish to renew their vows through our traditional ceremony.

They can contact me directly...

Norbert Perez
PUGUA' International Corporation
3075 Ala Poha Place, #602
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Tel/Fax: (808)839-5208
Cellular: (808)285-2558
Pager: 1(888)219-2120

Norbert Perez


Biba Taotao Tano'
Prepared by:  Marsi Bontoc