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Press Release 99-199
December 12, 1999

Latte of Peace Foundation
The Latte of Peace Foundation, a Hawaii-based non-profit declared its existence and
mission to the public. The primary goal of the foundation is to construct a 500-ft Latte Stone Complex at the
University of Hawaii at Manoa to house the Center for Universal Peace Through Technology...with emphasis on Marine Science.
The Hi-tech center will have classrooms, labs, computer centers, lecture halls, conference rooms, convention rooms
and technical museums.

According to foundation secretary, Lynn Cruz, "The organization was registered in the state on December 1, 1999 but
public announcement was delayed until our new website was completed."

"Furthermore and to jumpstart our foundation's program, our president, Norbert Perez, prepared and transmitted
over 50 official letters to some of the world's riches individuals and the technology field." Cruz

Letter Sample...

Mr. Bill Gates
President & Founder

Greetings Mr. Gates,

My name is Norbert Perez and I am the founder and president of the "Latte of Peace Foundation", a non-profit
corporation registered in the state of Hawai'i. The primary mission of the foundation is to construct a 500-ft Latte
Stone complex at the University of Hawaii at Manoa to house the "Center for Universal Peace Through Technology".
The learning center will have classrooms, labs, conference rooms, computer centers, lecture halls and technical
museums specifically in the marine science field.

It would be an honor and a privilege to secure your support for this awesome project and a place of distinction has
been reserved for you in the Halls of Science.

With warm personal regards, I am,

Respectfully yours,

Latte of Peace Foundation
3075 Ala Poha Place, #602
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818
Tel/Fax: 808.839.5208
Cellular: 808.285-2558
Pager: 1.888.219.2120

Biba Taotao Tano'
Prepared by:  Marsi Bontoc