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Pupulun Aniti
The ancient people of Guahan or Taotaomo'nas developed and used special
herbal teas, which prepared them physically, mentally and spiritually for
face-to-face encounters with the gods. These ritual and ceremonial recipes
have recently been rediscovered after years of scientific research and
are now available for worldwide distribution.

The mysteries of the ancient world are just
beginning to unfold....

*How did the ancient people of Guahan carve out and transport
those massive latte stone pillars?
*How did the ancient people of Pohnpei construct the ancient
city of Nan Madol?
*How did the ancient people of Egypt build the Pyramids and
other ancient monuments?
The answer......"Pupulun Aniti"

Order your recipe today and learn the secrets of the
Universe... or Contact
Lynn or Tisha

PUGUA' International Corporation

1050 Bishop Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Tel: (808)247-8742

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