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Research Questionnaire

Universal Research on Mental Telepathy

Welcome to our research team.

We have divided the study into five program modules.
These modules are....
    1. Pupulun Aniti Workshop.
    2. Chamori Chanting Workshop.
    3. Receiving Sensitivity Exercise.
    4. Transmitting Sensitivity Exercise.
    5. One-on-One Telepathy.

The following questions are provided to determine your knowledge of the subject matter and to secure
pertinent data on your experiences.
It is vital that you answer these questions acurately and truthfully.

Pupulun Aniti is an herbal tea (kava or awa) used ceremonially by the Taotaomo'nas to prepare the body for
mental enhancement. The potent recipe gives one a mild and mellow high.

1. Do you believe in intuition? ....female intuition?
Yes     No

2. What is your definition of intuition?

3. Give some examples of some of your life experiences with intuition?

4. Do you know what is kava? awa? pupulun aniti?
Yes     No

5. Have you tried or experimented with kava? awa? pupulun aniti?
Yes     No

6. If you have....please describe your physical state?
(How did you feel after taking these herbal potions?)

Did you experience any physical reactions? Please describe?

*If you have not tried or experimented with these potions, we will send you
a dozen tea bags. You will have to follow our usery instructions.
Info: The Polynesians, Tahitians, Samoans and others used kawa or awa
as a ceremonial tea. The Ponapeans of Pohnpei used sakao and the
Hacha'moris of Guahan used pupulun aniti, which are the same plant product.

*Do you have a quartz watch or clock readily available? If not....please secure one.
*Please provide a contact number where we can call you so we can synchronize our time.

*You will need a Journal Pad to document your records.
7. Have you ever experimented with Marijuana or other mind-altering drugs?
Yes     No

8. Your Assigned ID Code:

9. Your Social Security Number:

10. Today's Date:   Time:

11. Your Mailing Address:
City:   State/Country: Zip:

*Please print this page before you submit...for your files.