Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Kit

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The ancient people of Guahan or Taotaomo'nas believed in the sacred and heavenly union between a woman and a man. They called the Ancient Chamori Royal Wedding Ceremony, HACHA'GUA, meaning to be ONE or to become ONE. As one of the only surviving matriarchal societies in the world, the Taotao Tano' of Guahan capture the true meaning and symbolism of ancient class royalty and womanhood in the perpetuation of their unique wedding system....HACHA'GUA. 

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Complete Package Includes.....
1. Attire (Royal Bride): Sådi' & Tampin Susu.
2. Attire (Royal Groom):  Sådi'
3. Personalized Scripts in English & Chamori.
4. Royal Gift of "Agimat".

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